Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let's Set the Name Record....

We have no intention to name our upcoming bundle of joy "Brick". While it still seems slightly ridiculous to me that a poor person would have to come into this world only to find out they were named after things such as concrete, tile, and other building materials; the name has grown on me over the past couple months. There are some sweet theme songs that come to mind....

Anyway, for those still lingering... "Brick" came from Nick and I's name put together. Brit + Nick = Brick. And since we will be "going old school" and not finding out if Brick is a he or she, we have named this limbo period as such. I find it much more appropriate than "it" or "that thing". Much more personalized this way.

Phew, glad we cleared that up.
Baby Brick is doing wonderfully, growing and hopefully soon to be moving around!


Andrea said...

Interesting. And so creative. I was looking at your cute pics of you prego on fb and was curious if you had a blog! great to see that you do. I hope your pregnancy is going fabulous and it will be exciting to see whether you have a boy or girl. Parenthood is the best! :)

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